How to present yourself on your first date with millionaire partner?

One of the most common issues we get to hear about is ‘Dating’. It’s a curse many of us have to go through regardless of gender, age, looks or wealth. No matter if it’s your midlife crisis, you instantly falling in love with this cutie you saw at the café or your “sincere” boyfriend who turned out to be a playboy. Finding your Mr./Ms. Right is never an easy task, not for anyone, especially when you are looking for something more than just a personality or good looks.

They say your first impression is your last impression, hence first date requires extra effort. And if your partner happens to be a ‘jackpot’, Mate! You have got some work to do.

How to present yourself on your first date:

Dating a millionaire is a real challenge. If you manage to present yourself as a catch on the very first date, then chances are he/she will be calling you soon. You need to keep a lot of things in mind before your first date.

  • What to wear: 

You don’t want to portray yourself as a hippy or homeless of course, and for millionaires anything less than a dress on a date night is hippie or homeless, so a DRESS IS A MUST. How you look is the first thing your partner would notice so be neat and attractive. Cocktail dresses or slim fits would do the trick. Don’t over accessorize but do carry a formal fancy clutch and buy that lovely pearl necklace you’ve been saving up for.

wearing dress for date

  • Be Fashionably late:

Show up 10 minutes after your partner reaches. Keeping in mind, making your partner wait for your first glance is something else but being the reason a millionaire is bored to death is something totally different, so don’t exceed 10 minutes.

waiting for millionaire dating

  • Wear your finest perfume: 

Nothing compares to an attractive scent. ‘Love is in the air tonight’, is all he would end up thinking. Go for your Coco Channel perfume, a millionaire can tell a posh fragrance when he smells one.
wear perfume

  • Wear your invisible crown: 

Act like a queen and he will treat you like one. Wear your confidence like you were born with it. Nothing appeals more than someone who is comfortable in his own skin. But make sure you don’t end up being overconfident or more like a ‘know-it-all’ bitch.

  • Practice your Walk: 

One of the most noticeable signs of classy people is the way they walk. Watch your steps! Take small but firm steps. If you are going for heels just don’t end up walking like a penguin. Chin up to act royal but a gentle smile to show humbleness at the same time as you walk.


If you are planning your first date with a millionaire, here is a hack, act like a millionaire yourself and not like a gold-digger. Talk less, smile more and try paying the bill!

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