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If you are importing goods from China for the very first time and not familiar with abroad delivery, you might think that complete container delivery is your only genuine option? Certainly if you have adequate amounts of cargo to fill into a 20ft or 40ft container then this would most certainly be the most cost effective delivery procedure, however generally – for first time importers packing a full compartment is merely not a choice.


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You would for that reason require a Less than Compartment Load (LCL) or occasionally referred to as a Part Compartment Tons solution, wherein your cargo is combined (or arranged together) with other people’s payload which is traveling to the same destination. The charm of an LCL sea freight solution is that it offers fantastic rates for tiny to moderate sized freight consignments and without doubt is the most affordable method of shipping products from China to the UK.


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Typically talking the process for shipping goods making use of a Component Compartment Tons service is straight onward and trouble complimentary and is often organized by your designated freight forwarder, whether this is through a UK based freight forwarder taking care of their equivalents in China or where you are dealing straight with the freight business in China. Prices is depended a “each cbm” basis (cbm = cubic metre) and as a result depending on the dimension of your payload consignment, will certainly determine how much your delivery costs will be from China to the UK. Do also bear in mind that in addition to needing to spend for sea freight from harbor of origin to port of destination, specific various other charges will use such as:.




Terminal Handling.


Harbor Safety.

Customs Clearance.

Shipment Charges.

These charges will usually apply to FOB (Free On Board) consignments being delivered from most Chinese beginnings, such as Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Dalian and Guangzhou to name a few.

If you are acquiring products from China under various incoterms, such as C&F, CIF, CFR and so on after that service charges might use at both beginning and destination factors and generally speaking, will mean you are paying a lot more for your delivery from China than you truly have to be.

I would always advise you discuss the options available to you when delivering goods by Part Container Load from China. Never instantly think considering that you are getting a “economical sea freight” price from the Chinese manufacturer/freight forwarder – this will certainly suggest the best delivery option for your business. Take into consideration purchasing your goods FOB instead, which could make a substantial price conserving to your company as well as suggests most notably, you know specifically how much cash the shipping of the products will certainly cost from beginning to end.

Many freight forwarders will certainly manage to provide you unbiased insight on this and respond to any questions you could have about shipping goods from China to the UK

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